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Almost everybody in the world has ingested some medication at one time or another, many people use cosmetic products to improve their looks, and living standards are going up everyone and then. What we seldom ask ourselves is whether what we take in for medication or food is safe for our bodies and how to cut costs.

The Everyday Roots books was developed to address these issues. Every family has specific needs that simply address their specific problems. There is no one solution for each issue for all families and that is why The Everyday Roots books is a book and

not a particular solution.

What Is The Book All About?

The Everyday Roots books is a book that gives instructions on how to live a healthy and cost efficient lifestyle. It is more of a manual that takes you through how to address the issues associated with the toxic products and medications that are regularly used in the house by offering 215 healthy alternatives. These alternatives are all natural

and are aimed at addressing different issues that arise in a family.

Who Is the Author?

The author of the book is Claire Goodall. Claire comes from Minnesota and she is a lover of holistic health. Claire learnt from the best teacher and that is life. It all started in 2009 when she was in medication that was to help her but stopped working.

She went through years of medication without any help. That is when she realized that because something is in the market on sale does not necessarily mean that it will be of help to her or other people. She decided to write a book that will help other people live the good natural life that they deserve.

What Is Included In The book?

The book has a lot. It has more than 20155 ways to keep healthy. Most of the recipes and procedures in the book are designed to help the reader go through their daily life in a healthy way. The book teaches you how to live healthy and natural through remediates that can be made from home.

It shows you simple ways of how to make chemical free household beauty products that can be applied without fear of side effects or toxics. Through these methods, you learn how to save money and put it to other uses.

The book helps the readers to take control of their lifestyles by gaining knowledge that makes them self-sufficient in all ways. You will be less reliant on the profit oriented giant corporations and conventional medicines.

The book has remedies for headaches such as tension headaches and migraines, sore throats, weight loss solutions that are natural and healthy, and gas and bloating. People suffering from arthritis and nausea will also find solutions for their problems. Other normal diseases that are effectively addressed include constipation, cold sores and tooth aches.

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